Why to Use Gradle?

By | November 21, 2020

Gradle provides the following list of features:

  • Free and open-source

       Gradle is a completely open-source project and licensed under the Apache Software License (ASL).

  • High Performance

         Gradle very quickly executes the task by reusing the output from the previous task execution and it also processes tasks whose only input is changed and executes the task in parallel.

  • Highly Customizable

         Highly customizable and extensible.

  • Performance

       Faster than Maven in all scenarios including large builds using build-cache.

  • Flexibility

       It is a flexible tool. Gradle is a plug-in-based build tool.
       It creates our plug-in in a different programming language
       It creates a plug-in and gives control to our codebase.

  • Multi-project build support

        Powerful support for the multi-project builds

  • Extensibility

      Gradle can be easily extended to provide our task types or build models.

  • Incremental Builds

         If we compile our source code using Gradle then it will check if the sources have changed since the previous execution. If the code is modified or changed then it will be executed but if the code is not changed or modified then it will skip the execution and the task is marked as updated.

  • Familiar with the Java

     You need a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run the Gradle, so your machine should have a Java Development Kit (JDK). Bonus for developers as we can use the standard Java APIs in our build logic

  • Gradle Wrapper 

        Gradle Wrapper usually allows us to execute Gradle builds on machines where Gradle is not installed.

  • User Experience

    Gradle provides a wide range of IDE’s to improved user experience.
    It provides a command-line interface that offers many powerful features like Gradle Tasks, Command line completion, and more. It also provides a very interactive web-based UI for debugging and optimizing builds.

That’s all about Why to Use Gradle?
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