Why Need for mocking ?

By | October 15, 2020

Before using the Mocking technique, Let’s try to understand the reasons for using mocking.

Why Need for mocking (Reason-01)?

If you want to test a component that depends on the other component, but that component is under development. It generally happens when working in a team and different components are divided between several team members. In that case, mocking plays an important role in the testing. Without mocking, we need to wait for the completion of the required elements for testing.

Why Need for mocking (Reason-02)?

As you know the real components perform slow operations while dealing with database connections or another complex read/ write operation. Sometimes the database queries can take a longer time to execute. In such cases, we require mock objects to perform testing and it can be done using mocking.

Why Need for mocking (Reason-03)?

Whenever there is any infrastructure concern or issue that makes the testing impossible. For example, when we create a connection to the database, some issues related to configurations occur. It requires mocking for creating mock components to provide unit testing.

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