What is Spring boot ?

By | July 25, 2021

In this post, We will talk about What is Spring boot?

Spring Boot is built on top of the traditional spring framework and it provides an easier way to use all the features of the spring framework. Spring Boot provides autoconfigure feature for all Spring beans. We just need to use proper configuration properties files to make autoconfigure features working rather than relying on default properties values. Using Spring Boot, we really develop microservices or Rest API within no time. Spring Boot is very helpful to build microservices and making a production-ready application in very little time.

Some of the Key Features of Spring Boot are as follows:

  • Spring Boot is usually built on top of the traditional spring framework and is widely used to develop microservices or REST APIs.
  • The core important feature of the Spring Boot is the Autoconfiguration of Spring Beans with less or almost zero configuration.
  • It helps to build a stand-alone application. In Other Words, we can say that using Spring boot it is easy to create standalone applications with embedded Tomcat, Jetty, and Undertow servers.
  • Spring Boot provides embedded servers such as Tomcat, Jetty and undertow etc.
  • There is no need to configure a deployment descriptor in the case of developing a Spring MVC Application in Spring boot.
  • It reduces the lines of configurational codes. Especially Spring boot discourages using XML configurational code.
  • It has support for the in-memory database such as H2. In the case of the POC project or Writing JUnit for Repository, we may use this in-memory database.
  • It provides production-ready features such as a spring boot actuator to monitor and manage prod deployed applications.
  • Spring boot starters configured in maven pom.xml handles the required dependencies.

Let’s try to understand using a Spring Boot demo project. How easily we can build Simple Rest API within no time.




Now Open any Browser and try to access Rest URI: http://localhost:8080/welcome  

Above Output “Hello World!” we got from our Spring Boot Rest API. If you build the same application using Simple Spring Framework then you will have to write a lot of configurational(either XML or Java Config) codes.

That’s all about Spring vs Spring boot

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