What are fail-fast and fail-safe Iterator?

By | August 12, 2019

In this blog post we will talk about What are fail-fast and fail-safe Iterator?  One thing I would like to make you clear here is that this post only listed out the difference between  fail-fast and fail-safe Iterator but not the detail explanation with example.

  • Fail-safe Iterator is “Weakly Consistent” and does not throw any exception if collection is modified structurally during the iteration.
  • Such Iterator -may work on clone of collection instead of original collection such as in CopyOnWriteArrayList
  • Most collections under util.concurrent offer fail-safe Iterators to its users and that’s by Design.
  • Fail safe collections should be preferred while writing multi-threaded applications to avoid conurrency related issues.
  • Fail Safe Iterator is guaranteed to list elements as they existed upon construction of Iterator, and may reflect any modifications subsequent to construction (without guarantee).

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