What all collections utilizes hashCode() method in java?

By | August 12, 2019

In this blog post we will discuss about one of the very important java interview question What all collections utilizes hashCode() method in java?

  • Only hashing data structures uses hashCode() method along with equals() method, though the equals() is used by almost every class.
  • hashCode is useful for creating hashing based datastructures like HashMap, LinkedHashMap, ConcurrentHashMap, HashSet. (Basically any Java collection that has Hash inside the name of it)
  • Hashcode is used to provide best case O(1) time complexity for searching the stored element.
  • TreeMap, TreeSet uses Comparator/Comparable for comparing the elements against each other, so these data structures do not require hashCode() method. The best-case time complexity offered by these data structures for lookup operation is logarithmic rather than constant.

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