Understanding the purpose of Maven Plugin

By | October 27, 2020

In this post, We will talk and learn about Understanding the purpose of Maven Plugin

What is Maven Plugins?

  • Maven Plugin is one of the important features that is basically used to reuse the common build logic among different projects.
  • Plugins are used in many ways like compiling code, testing them with the Junits, creating jar/war/ear files and documentation of the projects.
  • Maven is nothing but a plugin execution framework in which every task is accomplished by the usage of plugins.

Below is the basic list of tasks that are handled by plugins in maven :

  • Creating jar/war/ear files.
  • Code compilation
  • Unit testing of the code.
  • Project documentation

Types of Maven Plugins

There are mainly two important types of plugins exist in maven:

  • Build Plugins – These plugins will execute during the build phase. These plugins are defined under the <build> element in pom.xml
  • Report Plugins – These types of plugins are executed during the site generation (report or javadocs generation) phase. These plugins We can configure under the <reporting> element in pom.xml
Plugin name Description
clean Used to delete the target directory in order to clean up the earlier build artifacts
compiler To compile java source files
surefile Executes the Junit tests and generate the reports.
jar Build the jar file of the project
war Build the war file of the project
javadoc Generates the javadocs of the project
antrun To run a set of ant tasks specified in any stage/phase of the build

That’s all about Understanding the purpose of Maven Plugin
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