Test Execution Order in Junit 5

By | October 3, 2020

The true unit tests typically should not rely on the order in which they are executed but there are times when it is necessary to enforce a specific test method execution order — for example when We write integration tests or functional tests where the sequence of the tests is important.

To control the order in which test methods are executed, annotate your test class or test interface with @TestMethodOrder and specify the desired MethodOrderer implementation.

We can use one of the following built-in MethodOrderer implementations.

Alphanumeric: it will sort test methods alphanumerically based on test method names and formal parameter lists.

OrderAnnotation: It will sort test methods numerically based on values specified via the @Order annotation.

Random: It will order test methods pseudo-randomly and supports the configuration of a custom seed.

Let’s clear the above concept using a demo project




The output of the above project: 


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That’s all about the Test Execution Order in Junit 5
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