Swapping of two numbers in C Language

By | October 18, 2020

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Swapping of two numbers in C Language

For Examples,

Input : x = 30, y = 44 Output : x = 44, y = 30
Input: x = 500,y = 250 Output: x =250,y = 500
Input : x = 2000, y = 1000 Output : x = 1000, y = 2000

The logic used in this program is explained step by step as follows:

Step 1: Assign the value of  x variable  into Temporary variable : temp = x
Step 2: Assign y variable to x variable : x = y
Step 3: Assign a temporary variable  to y variable: y = temp

Let us we try to  understand with an example(kitchen Rule)

We have three glasses  and their name is A, B and C
We have  A and B  glasses are filled with milk and  C is empty
If we put  A  glass of milk in C glass (empty glass ). That we put a B glass of milk in A  and then again we put a C glass of milk in B  glass.

Therefore  swapping  A glass and B glass of Milk

Swapping of two numbers in C Language

The output of the above program:

In this tutorial, we have learned about the Swapping of two numbers in C Language by using a temporary variable.

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