Spring Java-based Configuration Example

By | June 17, 2021

In this post, We will learn about Spring Java-based Configuration Example with a Demo Project

So far We have learned, How we can configure Spring beans using XML configuration files. If you are very much comfortable with XML configuration, then it is really not required to learn how to achieve the same result with Java-based configuration.

The java-based configuration enables us to write most of our Spring configuration without XML but with the help of few Java-based annotations explained in this post.

@Configuration  and @Bean Annotations

If We annotate a class with the @Configuration annotation means It indicates that the class can be used by the Spring IoC container as a source of bean definitions. The @Bean annotation tells Spring Container that a method annotated with @Bean will return an object that should be registered as a bean in the Spring Container. The very simplest possible @Configuration class would be as follows −


The above config code will be equivalent to the following XML configuration −





If you run ClientTest.java as Java Application then it will give the below output: 

101 Hello World!!

That’s all about Spring Java-based Configuration Example

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