Spring Inner bean example

By | June 18, 2021

In this post, We will learn about the Spring Inner bean example using a Demo Project.

In the Spring framework, whenever a bean is used for only one particular property, it’s advised to declare it as an inner bean. Usually, the Spring inner bean is supported by both setter injection ‘property‘ and constructor injection ‘constructor-arg‘. Like Inner classes are the classes that are defined inside the scope of another class. Similarly, inner beans are the beans that are defined in the scope of another bean.

Injecting Inner Beans

An inner bean usually does not require a defined id or name; if specified, the container does not use such a value as an identifier. The second key point is that Inner beans are always anonymous and they are always created within the scope of outer bean. It is not possible at all to inject inner beans into collaborating beans other than into the enclosing bean or to access them independently.

Now Let’s try to understand the Spring Inner bean using the below demo Project.








Here com.kkhindigyan.model.Order is configured as an inner bean.



If you run ClientTest.java as Java Application then it will give the below output: 

Google Pay
Order [itemName=iphone 11, itemPrice=80000.0, address=MG Road,Mumbai]

That’s all about Spring Inner bean example

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