Spring Framework @Qualifier example

By | June 22, 2021

In this post, We will learn about the Spring Framework @Qualifier example using a Demo Project.

The @Qualifier annotation is used to resolve the auto wiring conflict when there are multiple beans of the same type.

The @Qualifierannotation can be used within the class before any class property. This annotation may also be applied to constructor arguments or method parameters.



In this class, you can see we have used @Qualifier (“address2”)(along with  @Autowired annotation) annotation before the address property. As we have two Spring beans of com.kkhindigyan.model.Address Type in applicationContext.xml. so to resolve this ambiguity

Here We have used @Qualifier (“address2”) annotation so It will autowire “address2” bean with address property in Employee class, If we do not use @Qualifier annotation here then Spring will throw below Exception




Client Class with the main method.

If you run ClientTest.java as Java Application then it will give the below output:

That’s all about the Spring Framework @Qualifier example

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