ResultSetMetaData in JDBC example

By | August 3, 2018

In this post, we will talk and learn about ResultSetMetaData in the JDBC example

The ResultSetMetaData is a very important interface in java.sql package in JDBC API It is used to get the metadata about a java.sql.ResultSet object. Whenever we query the database using the SELECT SQL statement, the result is stored in a ResultSet object. The ResultSet object is associated with one java.sql.ResultSetMetaData object. This object is having all the metadata about a ResultSet object like schema name, table name, number of columns, column name, the data type of a column, etc. We usually get this ResultSetMetaData object using getMetaData() method of ResultSet interface.

How To Get ResultSetMetaData Object?

We have getMetaData() method in java.sql.ResultSet interface that returns ResultSetMetaData object associated with a ResultSet object. Using the below syntax to get the ResultSetMetaData object.

ResultSetMetaData in the JDBC example:

Project structure in eclipse:

SQL Query to create employee_table and insert few rows in MySQL (jdbcdb schema)
(Note:Make sure you have created employee_table and inserted few records in jdbcdb database schema)

After running above db script in your MySQL jdbcdb schema employee_table will have following content. class which is responsible to connect with MySQL database.

Now let’s run our class to show some important methods of ResultSetMetaData interface

After running program you will look below  output on eclipse console:

That’s all about ResultSetMetaData in JDBC example

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