Print numbers in sequence using 2 Threads – Approach-2

By | May 30, 2020
  • In this post, we will learn  How to write a java program to print Even and Odd Numbers Using 2 Threads(Approach-2).
  • In the previous post, we already had seen How to Print numbers in sequence using 2 Threads
  • In this post, I have solved same problem statement with a different approach. is used by both the threads to print odd and even numbers calls printOddNumber() method to print odd numbers calls printEvenNumber() method to print even numbers

Client program 

If you run client program then this will generate below output:

Thread-1: 1
Thread-2: 2
Thread-1: 3
Thread-2: 4
Thread-1: 5
Thread-2: 6
Thread-1: 7
Thread-2: 8
Thread-1: 9
Thread-2: 10
Thread-1: 11
Thread-2: 12
Thread-1: 13
Thread-2: 14
Thread-1: 15
Thread-2: 16
Thread-1: 17
Thread-2: 18
Thread-1: 19
Thread-2: 20


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That’s all about Print numbers in sequence using 2 Threads – Approach-2
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