Managing External Dependencies in maven

By | October 26, 2020

What will happen if dependency is not available in any of the remote repositories and central repository? Maven still provides answers for such a scenario using the concept of External Dependency.

  • All the basic list of dependencies in the maven is handled by the maven central repository at which a project downloads the required dependencies.
  • There will be typical scenarios where some particular dependencies may not be available in the maven remote and central repositories.
  • Maven answers this scenario by providing the feature is called external dependency management.
  • In maven, External dependencies we can easily configure as other dependencies in the pom.xml file

Steps to configure External Dependencies in Maven:

Create a directory/folder called libs in the maven project.

Download the library KKJava.jar and put it inside the libs directory/folder after that open the pom.xml of the project and add a new dependency as provided steps:

1.Specify groupId as the name of the jar file
2.Specify artifactId as the name of the jar file
3.Specify the scope of the system
4.Specify the relative path of the jar file to the project location.

That’s all about Managing External Dependencies in Maven
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