Junit 5 Architecture

By | November 29, 2019

In This post, we will  talk and learn about JUnit 5 Architecture

JUnit 5 is mainly built on below three Components or sub-projects:

1. JUnit Platform
2. JUnit Jupiter
3. JUnit Vintage

                                            Junit 5 Architecture

Unlike previous versions of JUnit 4 0r 3, JUnit 5 is combinations of several different modules from three different sub-projects.

JUnit 5 = JUnit Platform + JUnit Jupiter + JUnit Vintage

JUnit Platform

To execute or lunch JUnit Test cases builds tools, IDEs and plugins required to include and extend platform APIs.it provides TestEngine APIs to develop new testing frameworks that run on the platform.

Additionally, it also provides console Launcher to launch the platform from the command line and build plugins for building tool like Gradle and Maven.

JUnit Jupiter

It is the combination of the new programming model and extension model for writing tests and extensions in JUnit 5. It has newly added annotations for running Jupiter based tests on the platform.

JUnit Vintage

It has the main purpose to support running JUnit 3 and JUnit 4 written tests on the JUnit 5 platform. It provides assurance for backward compatibility.

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That’s all about  Junit 5 Architecture

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