Java Spliterator Example

By | June 22, 2020

In this post, We will talk and learn about Java Spliterator Using an example

Java Spliterator interface is an example of an internal iterator that breaks down the stream into the smaller parts and these smaller parts can be processed in parallel.

Features  Of Spliterator :

The following are the list of features provided by Spliterator in Java.

  1. Spliterator was introduced in Java 8
  2. It provides support for parallel processing of the stream of elements for the collection framework.
  3. It provides tryAdvance()method to iterate elements individually by different threads. It helps in parallel processing.
  4. We may use to iterate elements sequentially in a single Thread, use forEachRemaining()
  5. The method trySplit() is used partition the spliterator, if it is possible.

Output of this Program:

Traversing the first half of the spliterator..
Traversing the second half of the spliterator..


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That’s all about Java Spliterator Example?
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