How to store file in MySQL database using JDBC

By | August 2, 2018

In this post we will look into how to store text file/CLOB data in MYSQL database using JDBCIf you are using some other database like Oracle,Sybase or DB2, still process would be similar.Create a folder InputFiles or folder with any name in project home directory as shown in the given screen shot.
After that add three text files:C language.txt,C++ language.txt and Java language.txt Or you can create text files with some text content with any name as per your choice.

Project structure in eclipse:

SQL Query to create storetextfile_table  in MySQL database (jdbcdb schema)
DB.sql class which is responsible to connect with MySQL database.

Below class uses to save three text files(C language.txt,C++ language.txt and Java language.txt)

After running program you will look below  output on eclipse console:

Above console output clearly shows that all three files are saved in MSQL database.

If you query database table storetextfile_table then you will find three records are inserted as below:

That’s all about  how to store file in MySQL database using JDBC

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