Dirty checking in hibernate example

By | June 10, 2018

In previous post Hibernate CRUD example in hibernate you learnt how to perform Create,Read,Update and Delete operation with database.In this post I will demonstrate about Dirty checking in hibernate example step by step using below project.

Technologies and tools used for this application are –

  • Hibernate 5.2.11.Final
  • Eclipse Mars.2 (4.5.0)
  • Maven 3.5.0
  • JavaSE 1.8
  • MySQL 5.5.57

Project Structure

Review the following project structure.

Step 1 – Create a maven project

Refer below link if you don’t know how to create Maven project in eclipse:
How to create Maven project

Step 2 – Add jar dependencies to pom.xml

below is the pom.xml file and add required Hibernate and MySQL connector dependencies to it.

Step 3 – Create Entity class in hibernate

Step 4 – Create a Hibernate configuration file

Create an XML file named as hibernate.cfg.xml under src/main/resources folder and write the following code in it.

Step 5 – Hibernate utility class which is responsible to provide SessionFactory

Step 5 – Create two client classes

SavingEntityClientTest.java->This client class used to save entity object in database.
DirtyCheckingClientTest.java->This client class shows how dirty checks works in hibernate


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