CyclicBarrier Example in Java ?

By | June 23, 2020

In this post, We will talk and learn about CyclicBarrier in Java using an Example.

A CyclicBarrier is a synchronization helping class from java.util.concurrent package that allows a set of threads to all wait for each other to reach at common barrier point.

CyclicBarrier is useful when a program involves a fixed sized party of threads that must occasionally wait for each other. The barrier is called cyclic because it can be re-used after the waiting threads are released that’s where it differs from CountDownLatch

Complete source code:

Output of this Program:

main has started
main has finished
John is arrived.
Pipa is arrived.
Martin is arrived.
Dolly is arrived.
Four passengers have arrived so cab is going to start..
Joya is arrived.
Harman is arrived.
Sam is arrived.
Brad is arrived.
Four passengers have arrived so cab is going to start..

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