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Why to Use Gradle?

Gradle provides the following list of features: Free and open-source        Gradle is a completely open-source project and licensed under the Apache Software License (ASL). High Performance          Gradle very quickly executes the task by reusing the output from the previous task execution and it also processes tasks whose only… Read More »

Dynamic Tests example in Junit 5

When we write standard test cases using @Test annotation then tests are static in nature so that is fully specified at compile time and their behavior cannot be changed by anything happening at runtime. A dynamic test is a test that is generated at runtime by a factory method that is annotated with @TestFactory. A… Read More »

Java Program to find the frequency of each character in String ?

In Post, we will write a couple of java programs to find the frequency of each character in String?   


  Output of above both programs: a:3 b:3 c:1   You May Also Like: Difference between List and Set in Java Collection ? When should we choose LinkedList over ArrayList for a given… Read More »