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When to use Spring and when to use Spring Boot?

Spring and Spring Boot are both Java frameworks that can be used for building enterprise-level applications. The choice between using Spring or Spring Boot depends on the specific requirements and complexity of the project. Spring: Use Spring when you require fine-grained control over the configuration and customization of your application. Spring is suitable for larger,… Read More »

How to Send Mail Spring Boot Example

In this post, We will learn How to Send Mail Spring Boot Example using a demo Project. Spring Boot Starter email is a generally thin wrapper over Jakarta Mail API that makes very easy integration with emailing services into Spring-based applications. so here we will be using Spring starter email dependency in pom.xml to work with… Read More »

Spring Boot Actuator

In this post, We will talk and learn about Spring Boot Actuator Spring Boot provides various features to monitor and manage our application when the project is pushed into production. We can opt to manage and monitor our application by using HTTP endpoints. Auditing, health check, and metrics gathering can also be checked using Actuator… Read More »

What is Spring boot ?

In this post, We will talk about What is Spring boot? Spring Boot is built on top of the traditional spring framework and it provides an easier way to use all the features of the spring framework. Spring Boot provides autoconfigure feature for all Spring beans. We just need to use proper configuration properties files to… Read More »

Spring vs Spring boot

In this post, We will talk about the differences between the standard Spring frameworks and Spring Boot. What is Spring? Spring is an open-source(free) very lightweight java framework that allows us to build simple/complex, reliable, and scalable enterprise-level applications. This framework mainly helps us to manage our business objects in a loosely coupled manner using dependency… Read More »

How to Configure Multiple Data Sources in a Spring Boot?

In this post, We will learn How to Configure Multiple Data Sources in a Spring Boot using a demo project? There are many situations where we need to read/write data from multiple databases and while using Spring data JPA sometimes it becomes challenging to configure to get connections with multiple databases in a single application. Hence,… Read More »