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How to add local jar files to a Maven project?

This post talks about adding local jar files to a Maven project?  For those artifacts or libraries that are not available in the Maven Central or other Maven repositories, we have to configure it into our Maven Local repository in order to use it as a project dependency. We can add local dependencies directly like this:… Read More »

Understanding the purpose of Maven Plugin

In this post, We will talk and learn about Understanding the purpose of Maven Plugin What is Maven Plugins? Maven Plugin is one of the important features that is basically used to reuse the common build logic among different projects. Plugins are used in many ways like compiling code, testing them with the Junits, creating jar/war/ear… Read More »

Apache Maven – Profiles

In this post, We will talk and learn about Apache Maven – Profiles Build Profiles: Usually, maven Profiles allows us to define a multiple set of configurations and activate them based on certain conditions. The maven profile is an option or alternative set of configurations that set or override default values. Profiles allow us to customize… Read More »

Understanding of settings.xml in maven

In this post, We will learn about Understanding of settings.xml in Maven Maven settings.xml file In maven settings.xml file usually contains elements used to define values that configure Maven execution in various ways, like the pom.xml. This file should not be bundled to any specific project, or should not be distributed to an audience. This file mainly… Read More »

What is Super POM in Maven Project?

In this post, We will learn What is Super POM in Maven Project? What is the Super POM? All the maven projects pom.xml files always extend the super pom.xml file. This super pom.xml basically defines a set of default project configurations which is shared and used by all the maven projects. This super pom.xml is not… Read More »

Snapshot Vs Version in Maven

In this post, We will talk and learn about Snapshot Vs Version in Maven  There are mainly 2 major versions made available for any maven project: SNAPSHOT: This is nothing but the development version. The new version’s availability will be verified during every checkout and downloaded if it is required. This version is not allowed for… Read More »

What is an archetype in Maven?

In this post, We will talk and learn about What is an archetype in Maven?  An archetype is nothing but the template provided by the maven to create a project. There is a huge number of maven archetypes listed out in order to create projects under different frameworks like spring, spring boot, hibernate, struts, web services… Read More »

Understanding of Maven Repositories

This post talks about Understanding of Maven Repositories  What is Maven Repositories? Maven downloads the required artifacts or dependencies (jar files) and other plugins which are configured as part of any project, there must be a commonplace where all such artifacts are placed. This common shared area is called a Repository. Maven repositories are classified into 3… Read More »

What is POM in the maven Project?

In this post, We will learn What is POM in the maven Project? Maven project usually consists of a configurable file called pom.xml. Which stands for the abbreviation Project Object Model(POM). It is an XML file This pom.xml file always is located in the root directory of any maven project. The pom.xml contains all the necessary information about… Read More »

Managing External Dependencies in maven

What will happen if dependency is not available in any of the remote repositories and central repository? Maven still provides answers for such a scenario using the concept of External Dependency. All the basic list of dependencies in the maven is handled by the maven central repository at which a project downloads the required dependencies. There… Read More »